How to Improve Mail Quality

It’s usual for some businesses that their mail is received in the spam folder. By reading this article we will know how to improve mail quality so business mail is received in the inbox.

Improve Hosting Quality

The Mail reason for going email to spam is cheap low-quality hosting. When an email is received to Google, Microsoft or other email service provider from a server that is marked as spam or not secured well makes this email spam.That’s why email server quality is important.

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Email Body / Contant

Your email content Is so important reason for detecting as a spam email you have carefully design or write your email. try to maintain the following steps.

# Large Image With Link.

Google or Microsft thinks spam email when someone sent a mail with a large image with a link embadded. try to avoide this.

# Code after </html> in Signature Design

If you add additional code after </html> end tag then your email quality drops almost 2.5 in your email score. Cause hacker adds something after this end tag to attack the user.

# Same Content.

if you text the same content to someone which is marked as spam content in Pyzor library then you will get a negative score which is almost -2.

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